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What is Voice Blox?


Voice Blox is the first language-training tool that   embodies   your  pronunciation  as a physical form, allowing you to explore your  accent  with your hands.


Voice Blox deconstructs and tracks your vocal frequencies using 'Fourier' analysis software. The tactile interface embodies your characteristic vocal frequency into a physical shape, enabling you to see and feel exactly how you sound.

The 4 tones of Mandarin:

Who is it for?



The target user of Voice Blox is non-native Mandarin speakers.

The main user groups are school children, the beginners, and the intermediate level Mandarin speakers. 


Mandarin is a growing international business language.

Over 100 million foreigners speak Mandarin worldwide and 750,000 new students take the Mandarin proficiency test every year.

By 2015, Mandarin learning students had doubled in the US in just 6 years.

The UK government hopes to have 400,000 students enrolled in Mandarin courses by 2020, with a market of 136 million pounds.



“Voice Blox is the best thing for Mandarin tone since Pinyin”

Professor Peter Child

Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London


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